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Planes, Coaches and Automobiles!

My plan is to start in a warm’ish country for spring, heading northwards into Europe as the summer takes hold.
After many hours, OK days, I chose the coast of Morocco. I’ve never been to north north west Africa … so why not!
Months before departure is spent buying and then sending back new bits of kit, I think I thought I would need! Then, what can’t go back is put on eBay.
What a palaver!
New bearings
In the mean time I’m prepping my Thorn Sherpa ready for the start line.
The main things obviously been the points of contact.

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Thorn Sherpa – Final Build

A coach, three flights, a coach and many hours, my Thorn Sherpa arrives, along with me. Thankfully in one piece to the little town of Owaka, Catlins, New Zealand.
Arrival after 3 flights. UK to New Zealand
Some minor superficial damage to the box, apart from that, it’s all in good order. A box over a bag any day! Box vs Bag.Bike ready for rebuild
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Thorn Sherpa – Pre Build

After years of deliberation and countless hours on the road in the UK, New Zealand and Tasmania dreaming of a new bike-build, I settle for an English number!
I arrived back to Blighty from Tasmania in May 2013. One of my first port-of-calls was to cycle up to Bridgwater, Somerset from Poole, Dorset to test ride a Thorn bicycle. Thorn Cycles.
Thorn Cycles
WOW… look at all these fabulous bicycles. There’s a bicycle heaven, and it’s in Bridgewater of all places! Continue reading

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