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Pontsticill Forest to Coed Craigyrogof Woods

  • Pontsticill Forest 9th June 2014
After what turned out to be a rather pleasant night considering the hassle to start with early evening … broken tent, midges etc..
Pontsticill forest
The forest has been good to me though, nothing better than that protective feel of a dense canopy.
Wooden bridge
The air is damp, but one gets that feeling of ‘life’ from it. Too many people complain about the weather. THE weather brings life … SIMPLE!

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Padstow to Pontsticill Forest


  • Padstow 5th June 2014
As with any departure from Padstow, I’ve a pleasant cycle along the Camel Trail towards Bodmin Parkway railway station. This time, an appointment with the Penzance to Paddington (London) train.
First, just the small obstacle of a fallen tree … not so small! No going over, no going round, so remove the panniers, drag them and bike under.
Camel Trail on-route to Bodmin Parkway railway station
Fortunately the summer is looking like a good’un and long may it continue!
Severn Beach station
From the Severn Beach end-of-the-line station stop I’ve a pleasantly flat cycle to the Severn Bridge.

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Chygarkye Woods to Padstow


Cornwall II – Stage 2
  • Chygarkye Woods 21th May 2014
I leave what has to be a superb wild-camping spot in Chygarky Woods. The day is bright and dry. Dry always been the key word!
Road to Coverack
I don’t have to far to go towards my rest day at the YHA Coverack.
Loving the little nested cottages tucked away amongst the Cornish lanes.

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Padstow to Chygarkye Woods


Cornwall II – Stage 1
  • Padstow 18th May 2014
This journey is more about finishing something I started two years ago: Cornwall
Always nice to set off in fine weather. At times, I spend too much time analysing the forthcoming weather patterns. I sit around expecting the forecasted rain, only to be standing in the garden with glorious blue skies.
I try to just get on with it now, but generally, fail miserably … far too much procrastination!
Camel Estuary
Padstow rests on the mouth of the Camel estuary and the fishing grounds of the Atlantic. In the medieval period Padstow was commonly called Aldestowe (meaning ‘old place’).
As with many journeys I’ve undertaken from here, it all generally starts with the descent onto the Camel Trail.

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Wonson to Hill Bridge

Depart earlier than usual as no tent and gear to pack.
Forder Brook
Soon, I hit the moors at Throwleigh common. Continue reading

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