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Essaouira to Bouabout

  • Essaouira 20th March 2016
After an early start out of Luton, we arrive in a somewhat warmer climate than we left. I say we… I’ve a confession, I’ve sneaked along a cycling partner for the start of this journey, namely, Jude! Yes, female, but she tells me she’s tough and akin to a machine… we’ll see.
Arrival Essaouira
The journey/adventure started before we even got through the terminal. Nearly two hours just to get to the car park.
First, passports had to be checked by all in sundry on the apron, and then asked, where had we come from! 

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Planes, Coaches and Automobiles!

My plan is to start in a warm’ish country for spring, heading northwards into Europe as the summer takes hold.
After many hours, OK days, I chose the coast of Morocco. I’ve never been to north north west Africa … so why not!
Months before departure is spent buying and then sending back new bits of kit, I think I thought I would need! Then, what can’t go back is put on eBay.
What a palaver!
New bearings
In the mean time I’m prepping my Thorn Sherpa ready for the start line.
The main things obviously been the points of contact.

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Pant Glas to Y Fflint

  • Pant Glas 23rd June 2014
Dinas railway station
After a very tranquil rest stop in the woods for two nights, I follow the Sustrans route 8 towards Caernarfon and its famous Castle.
Portmadog to Caernnarfon train
The route follows the Porthmadog railway line to Caernarfon.

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Coed Craigyrogof Woods to Pant Glas

  • Coed Craigyrogof Woods 17th June 2014
My scribbles for this post shall be rather short, as it’s a year since I completed my cycle up through Wales!
Old quarries
The day starts damp, but soon dries out.
Off road
My route now is heading easterly towards Llanidoes. The Sustrans map shows a direct-green-route, but with an explanation mark!

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Pontsticill Forest to Coed Craigyrogof Woods

  • Pontsticill Forest 9th June 2014
After what turned out to be a rather pleasant night considering the hassle to start with early evening … broken tent, midges etc..
Pontsticill forest
The forest has been good to me though, nothing better than that protective feel of a dense canopy.
Wooden bridge
The air is damp, but one gets that feeling of ‘life’ from it. Too many people complain about the weather. THE weather brings life … SIMPLE!

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