Vango Nitro 200 +

After some intense search for a new tent, I settle with a Scottish company, the Vango Nitro 200 plus.
Vango Nitro 200+ (6)Vango Nitro 200+ (7)
It has a large vestibule area, this I like, as on wet days one can still cook with ease.
Vango Nitro 200+
Vango Nitro 200+
The tent is slightly lighter than its sister tent; the Vango Spirit 200. 
Vango Nitro 200+
The Nitro uses the gothic arch pole structure, making it an incredibly strong and stable tunnel tent. Ideal we hope for the British weather!
Vango Nitro 200+
I have also added a footprint (ground sheet), so as to cover the ground in the porch/vestibule area.
Total weight 2.25 kg.
My first trip with this tent, will be out onto Bodmin Moor.


2 responses to “Vango Nitro 200 +

  • Bruce

    how have you found the tent. we are looking at this or the sprit 200+

  • Nigel Francis

    It is perfect for 4 seasons. Just not though a hot summer, you would roast! But then you would in any make of tunnel tent, as they are designed for more inclement weather conditions.

    The Nitro (lite) is a tad lighter than the Spirit, but dearer. If two of you carrying though, no problems.

    Construction and materials are excellent.

    I would happily give it a 4 out of 5.

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