Philip Malone
I was fortunate to bump into Phil while cycling round New Zealand in 2012. He’d already cycled from the UK! Setting off from Manchester (UK) on the 9th April 2010 towards Hull and caught the ferry to Zeebrugge in Belgium. One amazing journey.
Chile To Kili
Chile to Kili was conceived by 24-year old Tanzanian student and naturalist Elvis Munis. Elvis identified one of the major problems in his country: the lack of opportunity for Tanzanians to obtain the education necessary to manage their own natural resources.

Helens Take On
Adventure, Cycle-Touring, Pack-Rafting, Photography, Travel and the Outdoors. The summer of 2009 she quit her job and left England to cycle through Africa. 25,000km and 20 months later she arrived in Cape Town.
The Big Africa Cycle
Welcome to The Big Africa Cycle website. My name is Peter Gostelow and in August 2009 I left England to cycle to Cape Town. This is my second major bicycle adventure. Between 2005-2008 I cycled from Japan-England.
Toms Bike Trip
Adventure cyclist and filmmaker. Currently diversifying. Foot, paddle, written word and photography projects on the go. Two big expeditions planned for 2012… I guess it started when my parents took the stabilisers off my first bike, aged 4.
Travelling Two
We’ve cycled in 33 countries and by 2010 we’d covered over 60,000km. As part of our love of bike touring and travel, we wanted a way to help others with practical bike touring tips. That’s why we started this site.

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