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I’ve heard many a cyclist whisper in dark corridors, that’s the first wash in a long time!
I can never fathom how you’d want to sleep while encrusted in grime and sweat. But, I suppose needs must at times!
Arundel river
So how can you stay clean while out cycle touring, wild camping and have that grime free night in your clean sleeping bag.
Ideally, setting up camp next to a water source solves all one’s problems, washing and cooking. Continue reading


Wilderness Camping

Wild camping in Australia is permitted on most free land, plus campfires are a go as well (unless signposted otherwise)
Tasmania’s pristine national parks and lush landscapes make for superb wilderness camping. But, it’s not like New Zealand, you’re going to have to share your space with wildlife in various guises.

Wild camping along the Tasman Highway. Tasmania

Biting, stinging, spitting,  jumping, sidewinding, crawling, hopping, it’s all here in abundance!
Except for a sluggish snake sidewinding out of the sea on Bruny Island, a few Jumping Jack ants and the occasional leach, I was fortunate to have a fairly tame time with the local critters!  Continue reading

Food & Cooking

I’ve been asked many a time on my cycle journeys, what do you eat, how do you cook? 
Generally, I’ll eat whatever I can get my hands on! Namely, high in protein, carbohydrates and calories (fat).
Brew and peanut butter sandwich
Proteins: are easy to find in eggs, tuna and the occasional steaks.
Carbs: comes in the form of pasta. Eaten pretty much every evening.
Calories: peanut butter, salami (contains a lot of fat), cheese and full fat yogurt.
At times acquiring plenty of calories is not so easy. Or should I say, not been able to replenish what I’ve burnt during a day is a bigger ask! Continue reading

New Zealand

Wilderness Camping

Wilderness, freedom, bush, stealth camping, whatever you wish to call it, it’s about getting back to the real nitty-gritty of survival and life.
Wild camping with a cuppa near Lake Tekapo. NZ
Wild camping in New Zealand is generally referred to as freedom camping.
So where can one freedom camp in New Zealand?
Freedom camping is permitted on public conservation land, except in areas where it’s expressly prohibited. This is indicated by sign-age. I found this is mostly dedicated to vehicles. I though, had absolutely no problems. Continue reading

The Moors

Wilderness Camping
To purists, this is the only form of camping: pitching your tent in the wild, you, nature, the stars and as far away from human habitation as possible.
What is wild camping?
Camping outside commercial, organised camp sites. Pitching your tent in the countryside, in the place of your choosing.
Is it legal?
Yes and no. In England, and Wales, all land is owned by someone, or some organisation. Strictly, you have to ask the owner’s permission to camp on their land.
However, in remote places, if you follow the wild campers’ code of conduct (see below), you should be able to get away with it (but note that the Forestry Commission and National Trust do not permit any wild camping).
In Scotland, things are different: under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, you are allowed to pitch a tent in the countryside, provided that you’re camping in small numbers, in lightweight style, staying only 2-3 days in one place, away from buildings and roads, and not in enclosed fields of crops or livestock.
South Penquite Farm. Bodmin Moor. England
My first wilderness camping cycle journey takes me to Bodmin Moor. Continue reading

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