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Tahakopa Valley

Going Nowhere Slowly – A Micro Journey
  • Owaka 9th April 2014
I start the day with a dutiful photo outside the The Catlins YHA. Home for the last five months.

The Catlins YHA

Over that time I’ve photographed well over thirty cyclists as they’ve passed through, now it was my turn. At last!
Catlins Lake
As usual, I’m carrying far too much food for three days. Not one to go hungry me and I might well be hauling too many clothes too!

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It’s About the Bike

So here we are about to leave Tasmania. Over six months since I left the shores of England for New Zealand.
In that time I’ve cycled countless miles (yet to tally up), conquered many BIG  l o n g hills, visited family, worked at a backpackers, welded an ailing bike, fought mind bending headwinds, endured countless road kill, ran away arms flaying from sand flies, grew a handlebar moustache, had a haircut, fell of the bike twice, broke and lost sunglasses, ate tons of pasta (need a bigger saucepan!), surveyed lots of stars, cycled in snow, cycled in blistering heat, cycled in cold driving horizontal rain, got lost a few times, wild camped most of the time, stealth camped, caravan parked camped, camped in a rugby changing room, camped on tennis courts, 50km’s is enough for one day, found a maggot in my coffee, attacked by jumping ants, lost travel adapter, slept a lot, experienced four seasons in one day, helped a hedgehog cross the road, hate vehicles even more, attacked by Magpies, chased ‘Low Battery’ endlessly, need a dynamo hub, lost a good friend, cried on my bike, spent too much time chasing the elusive wi-fi, new drive train on bike, experienced Warm Showers, Continue reading


Finding time to sit down and write a full blog on each leg of my journeys is very time-consuming. Saying that, it’s not necessarily the time, it’s more the case of having to pay for a campsite or backpackers accommodation! So for the time been it’s going to be links to my Flickr account photos. More to follow after these two below.
I’ll play catch up and add dialogue when I’m off the road for an extended time.
The one thing I’ll add though is my main heading from what I’ve learnt about cycle touring with electronic gear is; Continue reading

Hanmer to Christchurch

  • Hanmer 2nd March 2013
So onto the main highway back to Christchurch. Cannot believe I’m about to complete my first large bicycle tour.
It’s all pretty un-eventful as I head southwards.
My next camp spot is the large domain ground of Culverden. Tucked up in the far corner under the shadow of the setting sun.
Domain camping
The ground is flat; short mowed grass, no sandflies, no mosquitos, temperature pleasant. Happy days. Continue reading

Blenheim to Hanmer

Hard Going
  • Blenheim 27th February 2013
The road out of Blenheim this fine sunny day was pleasingly flat, such a novelty!
Leaving Blenheim
My direction is the Taylor Pass and the back roads to the famous Molesworth Station. This been the largest station (farm) in New Zealand.
I pop into The Honey shop. More out of interest to see an actual hive section at work. Continue reading

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