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It’s About the Bike

So here we are about to leave Tasmania. Over six months since I left the shores of England for New Zealand.
In that time I’ve cycled countless miles (yet to tally up), conquered many BIG  l o n g hills, visited family, worked at a backpackers, welded an ailing bike, fought mind bending headwinds, endured countless road kill, ran away arms flaying from sand flies, grew a handlebar moustache, had a haircut, fell of the bike twice, broke and lost sunglasses, ate tons of pasta (need a bigger saucepan!), surveyed lots of stars, cycled in snow, cycled in blistering heat, cycled in cold driving horizontal rain, got lost a few times, wild camped most of the time, stealth camped, caravan parked camped, camped in a rugby changing room, camped on tennis courts, 50km’s is enough for one day, found a maggot in my coffee, attacked by jumping ants, lost travel adapter, slept a lot, experienced four seasons in one day, helped a hedgehog cross the road, hate vehicles even more, attacked by Magpies, chased ‘Low Battery’ endlessly, need a dynamo hub, lost a good friend, cried on my bike, spent too much time chasing the elusive wi-fi, new drive train on bike, experienced Warm Showers, Continue reading

Launceston to Launceston

Sheffield’s Murals
  • Launceston 20th April 2013
On my second attempt to leave Launceston my route is better planned. I take a minor road (the old highway) which follows the newer Bass Highway.
Old furnace letter box
Another cracking letter box. An old industrial boiler.
My first stop is Hadspen.
Not sure where I’m heading, just west!
One place though I’m interested in visiting is a town called Bracknell. When my parents moved back from Ghana we settled in Bracknell, Berkshire, England. So always nice to visit a name-sake. Also gives one a direction. Continue reading

Bridport to Launceston

I’m Crazy! What About You?
  • Bridport 14th April 2013
Leaving the coastal town of Bridport I head slightly inland to catch the Bridport Road eastwards to George Town.
Leaving Dorset
The road is fairly flat, with only a slight headwind. NICE!
As previously, road kill is the theme of the day. A 20 to 30 kg lump of Wombat is going to stink, as does everything else! Fortunately the weather is well into autumn so not the hot hot days that would worsen it’s effects. Continue reading

Weldborough to Bridport

Fallen Souls

  • Weldborough 11th April 2013
After a glorious two nights rest at the Weldborough Hotel (camping though!), I’m pointed in the direction of a track that circumnavigates a lot of unnecessary road to Legerwood. It’s the most direct route I’m told. As before, I’m a tad weary of dirt tracks! Will the rear rack handle any more corrugations?
But, as before, the adventurer in me sets off up the track…..hmmmm!
The climb out of Weldborough
It starts with a good climb. I’m already off the bike and pushing in the first kilometre. OH dear!
I push on as there’s no-one else around by the sheep, cattle and rolling hills. So all good. Continue reading

Hobart to Weldborough

Spoke Panic
  • Hobart 3rd April 2013
John escorted me to the perimeter of Hobart city. It was a real pleasure to follow someone without having to stop and browse a map.
We still managed to get lost though! Missing the turn-off for the Downing Point bridge. The smaller of the two bridges spanning the river Derwent.
Richmond church
I headed towards Richmond and the east coast of Tassie.
Richmond ducks
Richmond been a very pleasant town with many historic buildings. One could be mistaken for been in the English country-side. Continue reading

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