Coed Craigyrogof Woods to Pant Glas

  • Coed Craigyrogof Woods 17th June 2014
My scribbles for this post shall be rather short, as it’s a year since I completed my cycle up through Wales!
Old quarries
The day starts damp, but soon dries out.
Off road
My route now is heading easterly towards Llanidoes. The Sustrans map shows a direct-green-route, but with an explanation mark!

Off road up hill!
I soon find out why … it’s very steep! And no sooner am I triumphantly celebrating my arrival at the top, I’m then greeted with the usual downside … been the downside!
The rising upside can also be seen in the distant. Once up down again!
We do it all again!
More up!Photo stop
Obviously I can’t pass a church without a spot of lunch and the customary photo.
Llanidloes church
Llanidoes is a very pleasant market town.
Llanidloes highstreetLon Cambria river
Not too far out of town I spot forestry land. That’ll do for the night. Only problem … flat ground? It took me forever to find some … but I did!
Forrestry land
And after a bit of forestry from me, it made for a pleasant spot.
Morning pack up
The normal morning get everything together and load everything back on my horse!
This descent was truly lovely … all a good mile of it. But near the bottom I screamed like a girl, as I realised my baseball cap had disappeared!I’d foolishly tucked it between my handlebars and bar bag. With me concentrating on my, full-pelt-downhill-frenzy, it had blown off! 
Sustrans number 8 route
Well, I wasn’t about to haul the bike back up … so hid it behind a hedge and trudged back up on foot … slowly! Machynlleth
Customary lunch in Machynlleth. With cap!
Crossing of the River Dovey
Now this camp spot might look idyllic … it wasn’t!
Midges were rampant and with brambles weaving through the top soil and stinking nettles to contend with, it wasn’t the easiest spot to set up on. But, I couldn’t be bothered to search anywhere else!
Afon Dullas river
A South African flag deep in the heart of the ‘valleys’?
RSA and Welsh flagsCorris
The photo doesn’t do the gradient justice … trust me!
More hills!Cottage
Llanymawddwy church providing welcome shade from the midday heat. Yes … you heard it right … heat! Was a hot day.
Llanymawddyw church
I had intended to make this climb in the afternoon, but as I cycled near to the base and saw the length of it … I thought it can wait till the cool of the next morning. Why rush?
Will tackle that tomorrow!Shelter
That decision was even easier as I’d noticed a very pleasant coppice not far from the church. And also a stand pipe in someone’s drive!
Nice spot
Dinner prep.
Dinner prep.
Llanymawddwy woods
Pasta, tuna and broccoli in a cheese sauce. The sauce and cheese courtesy of a packet … the rest is me!
The next day and the climb completed by nine. What a difference, with fresh legs and a cool morning.
Halfway up
From the top of the climb it was a pleasantly-long-descent into Bala Lake. The largest natural lake in Wales.
Bala Lake Railway
The town of Bala sits at its northern end and the narrow gauge Bala Lake Railway runs for several kilometres along the lake’s southern shore.
I do have a need to get some washing done, so against all my ethos, I find a camp ground. It’s more a motorhome, caravan site … eeckk!
Bala Lake sailing
Large it is too, but the plus side, I can find a quiet area.
Vista over Bala Lake
There’s worse camp sites around! Glanllyn Caravan and Camping Park. Also the added bonus of hot-running-water … shower!
Bala Lake yacht
After a couple of days, I climb out of Bala, heading due-west towards Porthmadog.
Pleasant spot
Not one to hurry and leaving Bala early afternoon after a big English fry up, it’s not too long till I’m scouting for a stealth camping spot. This is duly found near Llyn Celyn Lake.
Automatic toilet hole!
Sometimes the effort to dig ones own latrine is done for you. With a few more digs from my trowel, it all flushes well deeper than six inches!
Stealth camping … just! Sill midges though.Portmadog Steam train
Roughly two or three miles to Porthmadog. But, the road to Porthmadog seems straight ahead, all be it with a bit of traffic, but none the less … a bee line!
I follow though the Sustrans sign pointing upwards. How hard can that be? An hour later … I’m still climbing. Sustrans will try and keep you away from traffic, but with this, you might pay for it in an exurbanite excursion!
After briefly stopping in Porthmadog for supplies, I head off rapidly … tourists galore!
Near Nasareth!
A few miles out, my heading is northwards again.
A stealth camping spot is located in a pine forest and a water source found in the garden of a large house … sneaky beaky!Tea time
Considering the prime-isolated-location of the forest ie. out of sight, out of mind. I stay here for ‘another’ rest day! Peace and tranquillity.
With my Ipod (science podcasts), Kindle (cycling/adventure books) and childhood exploring, the day pasts 3
  • Pant Glas 21st June 2014


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