Chygarkye Woods to Padstow


Cornwall II – Stage 2
  • Chygarkye Woods 21th May 2014
I leave what has to be a superb wild-camping spot in Chygarky Woods. The day is bright and dry. Dry always been the key word!
Road to Coverack
I don’t have to far to go towards my rest day at the YHA Coverack.
Loving the little nested cottages tucked away amongst the Cornish lanes.

YHA Coverack
My first encounter with a YHA in the UK. Very nice, and no one else around … sweet!
YHA Coverack camping
A very pleasant orchid to be had too. Secluded, on my own, doesn’t get much better!
Coverack is certainly a place to visit on any travels through Cornwall. Some very good fish’n’chips to be had also from the old The Lifeboat House .
Back from fishing
My supper coming ashore!
A very comfortable stay. I’m well impressed.
Decided not to go for a long-wet-coastal-walk, instead, enjoyed the luxuries on offer. I’m not stupid!
If lost for something to do: go duck racing!
Coverack Duck Race
Once I managed to pull myself away from the comforts of a leather sofa I hit the wet roads. Not so hard though when one hears there’s a group of kids arriving for the weekend.
I’m up and out very smartly!
Cemetary lunch
Destination for the day, don’t know!
Plan is, head near to Leedstown and then turn north-ish. I’d previously, in another life, lived in Penzance for a few years and knew the area very well (also the hills!) so was happy to give it a miss!
Hey … I don’t like going over old ground!
Tin mining Camborne
I’m soon motoring through Camborne and Redruth. Old tin mining towns of yesteryear. And the towns are looking the worst for wear in places.
Hanging Bridge
My mileage had racked up for the day, and time was rolling on with no sign of a wild camping spot as I head towards Truro.
As with every journey something turns up, if not a tad late. An hour before sundown … just not cricket! Throw some food together and a quick jump into my folding bucket of water for a scrub-up, then hit the sack.
Near Carnon River
I’m situated just off a cycle/walking trail, so keen to keep noise to a minimum and subtle use of my torch. Red light in use.
Trust me, knowing the English, I’ll get reported to the police as some ‘weirdo’ in the bushes … the weirdo bits fair comment, but not too keen on a mobile-cop-shop with dogs showing up!Truro
Now it’s a straight beeline back to Padstow. The City of Truro been my first port-of-call for the day. The capital of Cornwall.
NCN 32
Sustans route signs always seem to be in abundance. Never really noticed them before when one had a car!
St Francis Pet Cemetary
St.Francis pet cemetery. Had no idea these existed.Newlyn East lunch stop
This is not a pet cemetery, but a pleasant-quite-lunch-stop in Newlyn East.
Welcome commitee
Not far from by starting point now, with a greeting party near St.Eval … moooo!
Back to base
That’s it, my home county of Cornwall cycled. I probably could’ve cycled more parts of it, but then, I’ve seen most of it before.
  • Padstow 24th May 2014
One thing stands out: Its. Very. Hilly!


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2 responses to “Chygarkye Woods to Padstow

  • mike wood

    Having myself I enjoyed this post. Your bike.set to mine. How fix your fuel bottle under your.bottom tube? With braze ons or clamps? This is something I’m planning on doing so.any advice appreciated. Thanks.

  • Nigel

    Hi Mike,

    Follow this link to one of my past posts.

    As you scroll down (photo of Trangia bottle) you’ll find the next link to Bike Buddy, regarding the fuel bottle. Brilliant bit of kit 🙂

    That was on my first touring bike build. On the Thorn build though, I was able to attach the Bike Buddy directly onto the frame braze-on’s.

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