Wilderness Camping

Wild camping in Australia is permitted on most free land, plus campfires are a go as well (unless signposted otherwise)
Tasmania’s pristine national parks and lush landscapes make for superb wilderness camping. But, it’s not like New Zealand, you’re going to have to share your space with wildlife in various guises.

Wild camping along the Tasman Highway. Tasmania

Biting, stinging, spitting,  jumping, sidewinding, crawling, hopping, it’s all here in abundance!
Except for a sluggish snake sidewinding out of the sea on Bruny Island, a few Jumping Jack ants and the occasional leach, I was fortunate to have a fairly tame time with the local critters! Wild camping Simpson Bay. Tasmania
Though on one occasion wild camping next to the Cloudy Bay River on Bruny Island (below photo), I was approached by a friendly soft-spoken, tattooed, goatee bearded local. Who apologised for disturbing me as he went for a swim in the very murky brackish river!
Cloudy Bay river wild camp spot. Tasmania
My biggest problem which I didn’t have in New Zealand was the access to drinking water. New Zealand has plenty of natural sources, Tasmania not so on the east coast. Probably better though on the west coast.
Wild bush spot nr Swansea. Tasmania
Fore-planning has to be done for the night’s camp.
With that, I purchased an extra water vestibule in Hobart. MSR Dromedary Bag. This gave me another 6 litres. So I can carry 11 litres in total now.
Deep wild camping nr St Helens. Tasmania
Finding suitable wilderness locations was fairly easy. Once out of towns it’s pretty unpopulated. Except for finding water!
Stealth camping Meander cricket pavilion. Tasmania
In Meander I used my usual guile and pitched under the protection of the cricket pavilion, as the weather looked to turn. I had a few stares from dog walkers, but just wave and shout hello, they soon scarper!
Wild camping Curries River Reservoir. Tasmania
Generally the soil is sandy nearly everywhere, so finding or forming a level pitch is pretty easy. With an abundance of pine forests to embed in, wilderness camping can be enjoyed.
Wild camp spot amongst fir trees. Cluan rd. Tasmania
As l left Scottsdale after filling up my quota of water, I luckily found a spot fairly quickly. What looked like an old council ground. (Photo below)
Bit of a struggle dragging my bike through the hedge, but worth it.
Keep those eyes peeled.
Stealth camping near Scottsdale. Tasmania
As I’ve done before, I followed my code for wilderness camping; out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Works every time. 
My tent is a MSR Hubba Hubba
You can click on each photo for an enhanced Flickr view or the above Flickr slideshow for further photos for this post..



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