Food & Cooking

I’ve been asked many a time on my cycle journeys, what do you eat, how do you cook? 
Generally, I’ll eat whatever I can get my hands on! Namely, high in protein, carbohydrates and calories (fat).
Brew and peanut butter sandwich
Proteins: are easy to find in eggs, tuna and the occasional steaks.
Carbs: comes in the form of pasta. Eaten pretty much every evening.
Calories: peanut butter, salami (contains a lot of fat), cheese and full fat yogurt.
At times acquiring plenty of calories is not so easy. Or should I say, not been able to replenish what I’ve burnt during a day is a bigger ask!
I lost 5 kg’s off my body weight of 76 kg’s in over a few months.
I tried carrying cheese, but as you’d expect, doesn’t last long in panniers on hot days.Cooking
High fibre whole grain pasta seemed like a good idea, but it takes a lot longer to cook (fuel quantity) than normal pasta. And for me, I enjoy my white pasta too much.Cuppa Lake Tekapo
There’s also the physiological benefit of a good pick-me-up meal after a hard day hauling 50 kg’s on two wheels.Chicken curry dinner
Without a doubt, one of my favourite pick-me-ups is a chicken curry, with basmati rice……yummy yummy.
In New Zealand and Tasmania I could buy Chinese curry blocks. I hear you say, Chinese for a curry, but I can tell you, makes for a great-tasty-meal.
Dinner at Shipwreck Creek
Greens can always be added for those well needed vitamins. I do though supplement with vitamin and cod liver oil pills.Baked beans curry pasta
Having rice though is not the same as filling one’s tummy on pasta. You’ll notice it the next day. Pasta gives you greater wings!
Baked beans mixed in will get you fuelled for the next day too!
Steak tonight
Being an adventurous carnivore, a blast of steak is a welcome treat.
Tea time
There’s only one beverage for me; tea, tea and more tea. Sweeter than I’d normally take it as I’m generally in need of a sugar rush.
Morning coffee Waipohatu
A sugar deficiency can be quickly  corrected with Jelly Beans. Always had my hand in the bag! Then go mad and mix the colours for different flavours. CrAZy!
Jelly babies
You can spend the day looking forward to your desert after dinner, thinking it’s going to be a full-fat yoghurt, only to find it’s not the case afterwards … D’oh!
Fat free
Some locations can be very rural for meal time. Not so stealth camping with a steak smoking heavily on my excellent Trangia 27-8 UL/HA Stove.
Deep stealth bush cooking
Occasionally one finds a facility to cook in and pay no money. I did donate though to the Legerwood community upkeep.
Legerwood hospitality
Lunchs are very much looked (anything to do with food!) forward to. Spicy salami, Brie, sealed between moist granary bread. Washed down with a sweet-black-coffee.
Lunch (2)
When possible I’ll go crazy on costs and splash out with a seafood mix. Doesn’t take long to cook.
Dinner (3)
Powdered milk is the only way to travel. Works great in my morning porridge, and is fine with tea and coffee.
Nothing better than waking up and already ones tea making is set out. Get it ready before retiring, so much more rewarding than scraping it all together in the early hours.
I learnt eating well was the cornerstone of energy fuelled cycling, and cutting costs on quality or quantify is never money not well spent.
Morning tea (2)
Most importantly, treat yourself occasionally as this keeps the spirit up. Losing your mojo to ‘cycle’ can be a tough one. Keep it alive with good food, along with keeping sickness and fatigue at bay.
Generally its wise to sterilise all natural water sources. I’ve only ever boiled water. I’ve heard many a story of how long you should boil water for. I work on my past military training; BIG bubbles, NO troubles!
Other options out there are: water purification tablets, Sterilizing pen, Water Filter Units. These will kill or remove micro organisms to prevent dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera and other water-borne diseases.
I like the option of the pen, and have seen them to be very effective.


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