Adventure Bay to Hobart

  • Adventure Bay 25th March 2013
I drag myself away from the creature comforts of my first Warm Showers host.
I decide to take the more direct route over to Cloudy Bay. That’s then up Mount Mangana. John tells me it’s steep in places, but I’m still going to give it a go! Can’t be that bad I muse!
Climbing Mangana Mountain
571 meter climb over what seemed like no kilometres in length, is a very steep climb indeed. I had to walk a lot of it, which is harder at times that cycling! Even at times struggling to acquire traction with my worn out cycling shoes.
The summit is a welcome rest-bite. From here a nice leisurely descent towards Cloudy Bay.
Cloudy Bay is a very popular cove for surfers.
Cloudy bay
Already at this point I have an eye out for a wild camping spot. Yes, it’s early, but a lot of the land looks private, so I need I take what is on offer sooner than later. Scrambling in the dark is not an option!
River into Cloudy Bay. And swimmer!
I find a lane disappearing into the shrub. Which then opens out onto the river flowing off to Cloudy Bay. A kayak lies next to a slip of flat ground. That’ll do nicely.
Perfect snake country though, but with the nights getting a tad chilly most snakes by now will be in hibernation. We hope!
Cloudy Bay river camp spot
As I’m enjoying my evening meal (yep, pasta and tuna!) a car turns up. This was not in the master plan! First time I’ve ever been disturbed by human beings. The occupant still has not seen me as he turns the car around.
A man with a long goatee beard and tattoos emerges from behind the hedge. He’s the one that is startled! From his appearance I expected a ‘Hoon’. This man then speaks in a soft thoughtful way. I’m taken aback. We natter for a bit. He’s off for a swim. “In that water?” I inquirer.
Morning coffee
His thick wetsuit is on and in he goes for 20 minutes up and down. I’m not following him!
Once pleasantries are exchanged, he’s gone. I settle back into my tent for the night.
The next morning I rise to a beautiful day.
Shark letter box
A gentle cycle to the ferry and back to Kettering.
Notice to dogsSurf board
Some novel house signs.
Great Bay
Some locations turn out to offer the perfect photo opportunity. Might just be one of my many favourites.
Looking out over Great Bay
Man in reflection!
Departing Bruny Island
A ferry crossing is far more rewarding that getting on an aircraft. Nice pace of life! Thinking, fewer flights and more ferry’s next time.
Penguin letter box
Once again, as with New Zealand, the letter boxes are amusing.
Completed winter stock
Once back at Dessie’s Oyster Cottage, I set about finishing of the fire wood store for her winter fuel.
Trees already fallen need clearing, plus large roots dug out of the drive way. The woodman in me is happy!
Tree down
Oyster Cottage chicken
The family chicken ‘Hermione’!
Leaving Oyster Cottage
After procrastinating for far to long (again!) I’m eventually back on the bike and depart the beautiful Oyster Cottage and wonderful hospitality from Dessie.
I’ve kindly been offered a room in Hobart with John and Ali. Yes, my Warm Showers host from Bruny Island!
Hobart museum
A day of rest (another!) is taken as a tourist in Hobart. Visiting the Hobart museum. Very good and would highly recommend.
Warm Shower hosts. The Tolhursts
A final meal is enjoyed with John, Ali, Cloe, plus friends.
Thank you to them and Dessie. True human beings. 
  • Hobart 3rd April 2013 – 113 kms


Wild/stealth camping spots can be viewed when zooming in on each location. Also click on the icon for a photo and another click on the photo will open it up in Flickr.

[gigya src=”; width=”490″ height=”368″ flashvars=”offsite=true<=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/reallyusefulbicyclejourneys/sets/72157633507695337/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/reallyusefulbicyclejourneys/sets/72157633507695337/&set_id=72157633507695337&jump_to=” allowFullScreen=”true” ]

You can click on each photo for an enhanced Flickr view or the above Flickr slideshow for further photos for this post.

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