Finding time to sit down and write a full blog on each leg of my journeys is very time-consuming. Saying that, it’s not necessarily the time, it’s more the case of having to pay for a campsite or backpackers accommodation! So for the time been it’s going to be links to my Flickr account photos. More to follow after these two below.
I’ll play catch up and add dialogue when I’m off the road for an extended time.
The one thing I’ll add though is my main heading from what I’ve learnt about cycle touring with electronic gear is;  ‘Low Battery’!
The other things that stand out from New Zealand is if you don’t like hills, don’t come. You can spend a day just climbing. Sandflies can be beaten, just cover up big time, it’s the only thing that really works. Sandflies are only really dominant near water. If you can get onto higher drier ground and in a breeze, you should be fine.

After a close inspection of my tyres in Hobart I noticed they did seem quite cut up. The Molesworth Station back roads in New Zealand were fairly rough. Harsh crushed gravel with sharp edges.
I arrived in Hobart for the start of a long weekend. Not knowing! So nothing open till the following Tuesday. Anyway it’s now Thursday and the bike is now sporting Schwalbe Marathon Plus’s. Pretty much all day trawling Hobart for them. I’ve a feeling they were the last ones on town!
Presently staying at Seven Mile Beach camp ground below.
It’s a pleasant area right next to the beach, so why rush!



3 responses to “Tassie

  • twymer12

    James took the cover up approach with sand flies, but I was recommended Bushmans 80% DEET by a Dutch cyclist in Haast. http://www.onlinepharmacynz.com/images/products/787-738-Bushman_Heavy_Duty_Insect_Repellent.jpg

    I had a little residue from it on my hands once and it ate the dye off the plastic my food was in. Had purple hands for three days! After that I was too scared to use it unless I knew I’d be showering that night.

    Still loving your pictures, good luck in Tasmania, bicycle warrior!

  • Nigel Francis

    I have Bushmans. Just given to me here from a German couple. I did find Aeroguard works very well too. More mossies here though than sandflies but nearing autumn so getting chillier in the mornings, nice. But when I say more mossies, I’ve seen about two!

    More photos to follow Tyler, but now itching to be back on the road.

  • New Article

    A facebook like for you! Well done. I also bookmarked it for later on.
    My friend owns a website similar to your own and I believe this would interest him.
    I’m going to send him the url, perhaps you fellas might even do a link swap or something like that.

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