Hobart Airport to Seven Mile Beach

The Feds
  • Hobart 8th March 2013
The flight was uneventful. As we like it!
Jetstar was good to fly with, considering all the horror stories one here’s about no-frills airlines. So no complaints from me.
I had seven hours to kill at Melbourne Tullamarine airport during the night. Cash acquired from an ATM and found a quiet corner in a closed Nando’s (Mexican restaurant) to rest my head on a padded bench.
Flight landed in Hobart at 0710hrs on an overcast Friday morning. Bike box collected. No outside damage to box, a good sign.
Next, sort out where I was going to stay. Got chatting to a Canadian/Englishman named Pat. We decided we would head to a campground near the airport (Seven Mile Beach) as we could share a plot with both tents, so halving the cost down to AUS$12.5 each.
While asking cabs for a fair price, and bartering,which was not to their pleasure. One guy of middle eastern appearance, slammed his door, saying we were wasting his time! We laughed! Pat knew Hobart well, and was perfectly aware that the cabs were charging extortionate fares.
While waiting for another dowdy cab driver, I briefly let go of the trolley holding our luggage. This had no brakes, and with the gradient of the pavement, it then wheeled off the high curb into the side of a cabbies vehicle.
What could we do? It was an accident. He was in a rage, and wanted to take my name, address so as to forward the bill. Well, that was not going to happen!
We then trawled our stuff over to the information desk to get a bit of advice, while our ranting cab driver went to find the Federal Police.
The Feds found us! I told them what happened. They’d advised the cabbie that he would have no luck getting anything out of us, and he’s to use his insurance and leave us alone. They took my name and driving licence details. This was all I could offer as I had no aussie mobile number as yet, and I’m of no fixed abode…good thing that!
Pat eventually gets a cab, plus most of my kit. I roughly assemble my bike, and make the nine kilometre cycle to the campsite. It’s now midday!
We decide, the best way to then spend the rest of the day is in the sunshine outside a pub. So a AUS$5 return bus ticket is purchased to Hobart city centre.
A nice way to see in Hobart after the mornings run-in with the law!
Wild/stealth camping spots can be viewed when zooming in on each location. Also click on the icon for a photo and another click on the photo will open it up in Flickr.



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