Hanmer to Christchurch

  • Hanmer 2nd March 2013
So onto the main highway back to Christchurch. Cannot believe I’m about to complete my first large bicycle tour.
It’s all pretty un-eventful as I head southwards.
My next camp spot is the large domain ground of Culverden. Tucked up in the far corner under the shadow of the setting sun.
Domain camping
The ground is flat; short mowed grass, no sandflies, no mosquitos, temperature pleasant. Happy days.
The morning though starts overcast. It soon turns to rain, but does not last longer than early afternoon.
Wet open roads
I’m amused a lot of the time by the effort the Kiwi’s go to adorning their letter boxes. This one is a particular highlight.
Horse n rider letter box
My final night wild camping (never say never though!) in New Zealand is on the banks of a dry river bed near Amberley.
Last wild camping spot NZ. Dry river bed near Amberley
I’d previously splashed out on a peppered steak….nice way to finish.
I was kindly offered accommodation in Christchurch from one of the partners of the backpackers down in Owaka. Jan also owns a backpackers in Christchurch, but is still presently off-line from the earthquake two years ago!
As I cycle through Christchurch I enjoy the plentiful cycle lanes on offer.
Christchurch cycle lanes
My next days are spent finding a bike box from a local bike shop. NZ$5, but this does included bits of plastic to protect the forks and rear derailleur. The box is very rigid, so money well spent.
This is the first time I’ve used a bike box, and must say it’s the way to go. Just more piece of mind with protection around the bike. The down side is, you lose nearly 5kg’s with the weight of the box.
Checking weight early
I’m flying with Jetstar to Hobart. And as with any no-frills airline it means paying extra for any check-in-baggage. I covered myself up to 40kg’s for the bike, two small panniers and one large pannier (in a Chinese bag).
It all came to 39.8kg’s, so got my moneys worth! Cost of the extra been near the NZ$90 mark. Jetstar do have a generous 10 kg carry-on, so not so bad.
My final day I make a visit to Scott’s Last Expedition exhibition. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and a great recommendation if it visits your country to or if you happen to be here in the next few months.
With Scott
Jane kindly drops me at the airport on the 7th March. Thank you to Jan and Jane for hosting me, very kind.
  • Christchurch 4th March 2013 – 145 km’s
Video to be added at a later date when I’m not on the bike for an extended period. When ever that may be!.
“You don’t have to be twenty, male and an ace mechanic to set out on a great journey. I’ve cycled round the world twice now. I’m not young, I’m not sporty, I never train, I appreciate good food and wine and I still can’t tell a sprocket from a chainring or mend a puncture!” – Anne Mustoe
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