• Christchurch 17th October 2012
The old saying is ‘fly east, red-eye’ (jet lag). No such problems here, as I arrive in Christchurch at 1500hrs without much, if any sleep for the past 36hrs. So it’s eat and bed. Wake up the following day feeling right as rain, no jet lag. Happy Days.
Bike after flights
Well at least I made a good decision with renting a room to start with. A good night’s sleep and a place to put the bike together. Better than losing bits’n’pieces in the grass on a camp site!
That’s it, first day, bike done, tent up, then chill.
219 St.Johns campsite
Once out on the roads to explore Christchurch, I can’t believe the amount of cycle lanes/pathways.
Home of rugby
Never seen anything like this before. Thought you would only get something like this in say Holland or Germany. It’s impressive. Christchurch is also flat, flat, flat!
The magnitude of the earthquake destruction back in 2010 is quiet staggering, still.
Rebuilding Christchurch
What you may have seen on the news does not give you any idea of the scale of this quake. The city centre has pretty much nearly been turned in rubble as everything is down or badly damaged.
Buildings coming down
Old building Christchurch
Plan is to get supplies and load up, then cycle over to the Banks Peninsular. So come the third day, I’m ready to set off.
Christchurch been remodeled
Banks Peninsular; Hmmm…got as far as, well back to my original campsite in Christchurch! The idea was to climb over the hills leading out of Christchurch to Lyttleton.
I had an almighty shock when going through Scarborough leading up to what I thought was the climb over to Lyttleton. The front pannier rack looked and sounded like it had cracked? My heart stopped! But after a closer inspection, all it was, was a hex bolt had popped out. Phew! Some idiot had not checked/tightened the bolts etc. after such a long flight! Next surprise was a sign saying “Road Closed Due To Earthquake”.
Container alley
After asking around, all roads over to Lyttleton were closed, accept the tunnel. Which is not accessible by bicycle. So back to the campsite to reassess. Which was not a bad thing as I needed to check the bike over after my first haul with weight.
St Andrews Hill
Everyone I’ve spoken to says “The Peninsular is stunning, but you can’t get there”, great! I find there is a long route around through the Dyer Pass, but decide to make headway the next day down south to Cromwell. I could do with been more conditioned too for the hills in the Peninsular, and hopefully lose some weight on the bike! So all for a good reason.
Another repack!
I forwarded 5.5 kg’s by Kiwi Post down to my brother in Cromwell. Still have too much. OH well, it’s a new learning curve!
You can click on each photo for an enhanced Flickr view or the above Flickr slideshow for further photos for this post.

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