Mr Badger

After two and a half years of uneventful commuting (
The Commute) on my trusty ‘Cannondale Bad Boy’, with no falls/tumbles/spills as yet, that period came to an end on; Tuesday 11th July 2012 at 2215hrs.
Any cycle that is uneventful in regards to calamities is a good cycle. Until Mr Badger materialized!

Mr Badger

The tranquil Cornish lanes that I’ve come accustomed to cycling through, either pre-dawn or a post sunset, soon shattered as my rear wheel locked up, proceeded by my front wheel impacting the right side of Mr Badger.
The force of the impact was akin to hitting an eight inch diameter log. Within a nanosecond I was catapulted over the handlebars, and commenced my impression of Super Man! Luckily my ‘man’ jewels just missing the stem…phew!

Mr Badger

This was quite an impact, considering my feet were attached to the pedals (cleats),  as I was thrown clear of the bike.
Fortunately my reintroduction with terra-firma was benign. I pretty much landed fully on my left side (spreading the impact area), and not as one would want, all of one’s body mass planted on an elbow or knee.
I did lay there for what seemed eternity as I thought, “what the #*~? was that”? Thinking, that’s buggered my clothing or busted my expensive front light?

Mr Badger

I then heard the scurrying of Mr Badger’s claws on the tarmac. Badgers can if startled or cornered be very aggressive. With this in mind, I was soon grappling for sky-hooks! Thankfully Mr Badger had sauntered off into the opposite hedge.
Mr Badger
I weigh 80kg, with clothing, shoes and helmet. Bike also with lights, water bottle and panniers, another 20kg. That’s 100kg steam rolling into the side of Mr Badger at 20mph (30kpm), with a front square area of my front tyre been no more that one inch at the most.
This must’ve caused Mr Badger some damage or at least discomfort. If that alone was not enough, the traumatic shock sometimes ends up been the real killer. Sorry Mr Badger!
I dusted myself off, and looked for any real signs of damage to myself that I might’ve not have been aware of due to adrenalin. Bike also checked over. Everything seemed fine, except for grazing down my left leg (I had shorts on), and what felt like potential bruising of my hip and elbow. Small price to pay. I’m glad I had a helmet on, might have been far worse otherwise.

Mr Badger

Still,  seven miles to cycle home. This must’ve been the quickest seven miles I’ve ever covered. With adrenalin coursing through my veins I was breezing up hills in record time. Once home, a  few cups of sugary tea then ensured . I felt ‘wired’ as they say!
After I’d posted my little incident to friends on Facebook, I was greeted at work the following days, by pictures (with comments) of badgers everywhere. This was very amusing, but probably not to the memory of Mr Badger.

Mr Badger

I do hope this incident implies that my eco-green credentials are still intact, and Mr Badger did recover to fight another day. This certainly would not have been the case had Mr Badger been hit by a tree-derived-rubber-wheeled-metal-box, powered by fossils!
.The Badger Trust

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein .



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