The Weekend

Bike rebuilt Rebuild – Part II. New tent MSR Hubba Hubba. Playtime!
I head off once more towards Bodmin Moor and Brown Willy Tor. Brown Willy being the highest point in Cornwall. The object is to cycle to the base, then hike up to the summit.
Camel Trail
As previous journeys, I descend onto the Camel Trail. This guides me the 17 miles to the base of Bodmin Moor. Not to sure where I shall be camping for the night. My route, with local guidance (not always right though!) is to get as near as possible  to Brown Willy Tor.
Ford bridge
Then I realise I’ve forgotten my walking shoes, and too far to turn back! OH well, will worry about that tomorrow.
Around three hours to sunset the fog starts to roll in, true moor’s appearance. Locals tell me, “keep to the roads”! Reminds me of the movie An American Werewolf in London! The fog is certainly rolling in quick.
I spot a small rocky hill and head for that.  Alex Tor seems a good spot for the night.
Camp set
I push the bike over thick grassland hidden by the veil of fog, and eventually find a patch of nearly flat ground.  
Tent erected. First time in anger.  Water promptly on the boil for a brew. Life is good.
The following morning was clear, with the Tors of Rough and Brown Willy easily visible.
Brown Willy morning vista
I’ll try and see how far I can get without walking shoes.  I set about onto a track for about a mile leading to the closest point to Brown Willy.
I was hoping to leave the bike hidden in a coppice, not that there is anyone around and continue on foot with cycling shoes (cleated). The ground though was pretty peaty, and would wreck my cycling footwear. I’m so close! OH well, another time.
Always something to come back to. Anyway, the weekend is about trying new kit out and testing the bike. 
I decide now it would be nice to spend a night in a wooded enclosure. So the day is spent navigating quiet lanes, heading slowly back to woods near Wadebridge.
I arrive at Bishops Wood, near Wadebridge. The trick now is to find level ground, again! As the woods are encamped on the side valley of the Camel Trail.
MSR Hubba Hubba footprint
MSR Hubba Hubba - DAC Poles
MSR Hubba Hubba inner
MSR Hubba Hubba rainfly
Next morning, nice slow leisurely cycle back to Constantine Bay.
Bike preformed exceptionally. My MSR Hubba Hubba tent serving me well too, simple but effective.
A good weekend. Short but sweet.
My review of the MSR Hubba Hubba.
“Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey” Alex Noble



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