The Commute

The route is 8 miles one-way. Along the beautiful Cornish coast and through idyllic Cornish villages.
I’ve catalogued photos taken through the previous 18 months along with contributing some history to the surrounding area.

The commute bike is a ‘Cannondale Bad Boy’. Yes, that its official name, and not something I’ve made up! She covers about 260 miles a month, so gets plenty of use.Cannondale Bad Boy
She’s a very different machine to my touring bike, with her fast rolling tyres and high saddle height to handlebars, making for a low profile aerodynamic ride. Along with her aggressive stopping power in the hydraulic disc brakes, she is a very responsive-fun-bike.
RAF trainer over Constantine Bay
The wind can be a ‘drag’ up on the high exposed ground of St.Eval, adding 5 minutes, give or take to the journey. The journey takes around 55 minutes out and 50 minutes return.

I look forward to your comments

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