Venton to Wonson

The day starts overcast with a forecast for heavy showers.
Francis Hill
I make my first port of call to Francis Hill (name sake!). The map shows it to be a lead-up to Castle Drogo, but not the case, so briefly backtrack.
The castle has a short climb up it’s driveway. As anything with heritage, the cost to enter is far too great for me on this trip, time would also not permit. I cannot even get any photos!
I am off The Dartmoor Way route, so head towards Chagford. After the long slog yesterday, legs a bit weary today.
The bench, Chagford
I slowly make my way through Chagford, Murchington and arrive at Wonson.
I turn down a small lane, and the Northmore Arms appears to my left. I call in for a coffee and chips. The pub is so small with a roaring log fireplace taking up most of the room, fantastic.
Northmore Arms
About to leave, and a gentleman named Geoff is perusing my bike. One hour 30 minutes later after heavy conversation about bikes and touring, I think about moving off.
Geoff and his wife Penny spend their vacation’s cycle touring parts of Europe. They are presently converting some barns next to the pub. I am invited to kip on the floor, which I duly take up. Thank you.
Throwleigh village
I off load my panniers, and set off for a an unloaded look around the area. The village of Throwleigh been particularly picturesque.
Throwleigh village (2)
The evening is spent in the Northmore Arms, pub quiz night! Whether my input to the team I joined helped us to come second from last or prevented it being worse, who knows! Good fun anyhow.
  • 22 miles



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