Holne to Venton

I wake up to the morning bleat of ewes and lambs, realised from the warmer comfort of the barn. Lambs springing with delight.
I head towards Buckfast Abbey.
Buckfast Abbey
A brief walk inside the abbey. I light a candle for my grandmother who passed away on December 2010, aged 97, good going. Let’s hope it’s in the genes!
Not to sure where I shall be camping tonight, so head towards Kennick and Trenchford reservoir. 
Typical Dartmoor cottage
I purchased a copy of ‘The Dartmoor Way’ map at the information shop, Ashburton. This has the route printed on an Ordnance Survey chart. These seem to be hard to come by. 
Thin cottage
The reservoirs being reservoirs, I passed through quite sharply, ‘no camping’ signs everywhere!
The Dartmoor Way is only briefly sign posted in places. From what I have gathered, funds had run dry!
The Dartmoor Way
Morehampstead. I tried the information shop for any extra info regarding camping. The best of an expensive bunch, backpackers at £16, no camp ground there. So make head way to a camp site eight miles out-of-town at Venton.
I should have stayed with the backpackers! Venton campsite is a caravan’s ground, hell for someone who is always looking for a wild camping spot! A patch of grass £15….what! Too late though to look anywhere else. 
  • 37 miles

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