Sheepstor to Holne

After light rain during the night, I awake to a misty moor, as it should be.
Sheepstor (2)
As with my previous tour around Bodmin Moor, my first morning seems to take forever to get my kit/stuff together; two and half hours from wake up, to on the bike!

I just need to be additionally more organized, further than I am already.Sheepstor
The village of Sheepstor welcomes me to my first full day on the moors.
Sheepstor Church
A half loop around the reservoir, then a climb to the base of Leather Tor.
Lane around Burrator Reservoir
Soon I’m on the main road to Princetown. I had considered cycling the old railway line up to Princetown, but after investigation, the bridle way is only really suited for full off-road bikes.
Princetown info centre
Princetown is best known as the site of Dartmoor Prison. Built in 1806. It is the highest elevated town on the moor, and one of the highest in the United Kingdom. 
It’s very touristy. So I manage a quick visit to the information centre and quickly ride out of dodge!
Two Bridges Hotel
The main artery of the south west, the B3212 cuts through Dartmoor. I arrive at the Two Bridges hotel, and its name sake the Two Bridges. It was built back in 1794, then known as the Saracen’s Head.
West Dart River
I soon head off the main road, and follow the West Dart river.
Not quite sure where I shall be bedding down for the night. I pass Hexworthy, then a long climb up to Combestone Tor.
Church House Inn
Arrival at Holne, greeted by the presence of a period pub. The Church House Inn, amazingly built in 1329! I’m pointed from there to the Stone Barn, which has a small camp ground, perfect.
Stone House Barn campsite
The Stone Barn, along with the camp site, also has a camping barn.
  • 23 miles

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