The Dartmoor Way

Dartmoor – A Micro Journey
Dartmoor is an area of moorland in the centre of Devon, England.
Protected by a National Park status, it covers 368 sq miles.  Approximately, 2.5 times larger than Bodmin Moor, my previous trip back in October 2010. Dartmoor is known for its Tors; hills topped with outcrops of granite bedrock.
I have upgraded my sleeping mat system. Doing away with the Thermarest Z-Lite foam mat, just not up to the job for an extended tour. Still taking the Z-Lite though, as I might use it as a protective layer for the Exped. 
I now have an Exped Synmat 7, with a built-in-pump. This will give me 7cm of comfort, plus with the bonus of synthetic insulation (also available is a down feather option). This rolls up to no bigger than four baked bean tins. Clothing is improved with an Endura water-repellent breathable jacket, and Sealskinz water-repellent breathable socks and gloves.
The bike has had an addition of a 20mm riser handlebar. This helps me to lower the stem for the forks,  giving me greater stability on the front. The rear rack is replaced by a Topeak Expedition rack, more robust.  Lastly, something I thought I would never have on a bike, a kickstand!…by Hebie.
As usual, I have been following the weather patterns for the last few weeks. It should be fine, temperatures around 12-15 degrees during the day, lowing to 5-8 at night, very manageable.

I look forward to your comments

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