Lower Pennycrocker Farm to Constantine Bay

I wake to the Atlantic rain hitting the south-western shores.
Camp packed away, and onto the back roads for the A39. Great to be on the bike.  The rain gets really heavy as I trundle along the A39. So make a detour again, to the war museum, and a welcome pot of tea!
Once on the trail, the rain slightly subsides and we are out of the wind. When I say ‘we’; its bike and I!
Camel Trail path
Flight deck
The engine room!
Shell Woods provides a welcome rest-bite from the weather.
Shell Woods picnic spot
I have a sedate cycle back to Padstow. Once off the Camel Trail, only 25 minutes home to Constantine Bay. 
That was great fun.
  • 38 miles
  • Total: 121 miles, 15 hours saddle time
The bike handled well above expectations. With a very comfortable ride, and no serious body niggles.
Brooks B17 leather saddle; for something that is rock hard, just the most comfortable saddle I have ever used! By the end of the trip, my ‘bottom’ sit bones had made little indentations into the saddle, as designed.
Wet weather gear needs some serious attention, as I received a thorough soaking on the final day.
Vango Nitro 200+ tent performed very well, water out, and stood up rightly to heavy wind.
I plan to do away with my Thermarest Z Lite sleeping mat. Which is fine for 1-2 days, but would like more comfort for longer periods.
Overall, a very enjoyable tour. Now looking forward to perhaps Exmoor and Dartmoor as the next destinations, both on my doorstep.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” Greg Anderson




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