South Penquite to Lower Pennycrocker Farm

Outside a bit chilly this morning with stand pipes frozen.
Camp packed up. It takes three hours from wake up until prepared to hit the road. Breakfast, wash, kit sorted, tent packed away, and bike loaded, but when things are a bit cold, wet, things take longer.
I had no plans for today, just head towards Boscastle and Lower Pennycrocker Farm campsite. I take the road back down to the Camel Trail heading towards St.Breward’s. 
Cornish war memorial

Once again, as I circumnavigate the moor, rivers fan out, so creating crests, saddles, thus more hills, always seem to be heading up! 

Lunch spot
Cornish stone walling & Brown Willy Tor
Brown Willy Tor been the highest point in Cornwall.
Old tin mine
I head towards Davidstow Airfield and Crowdy reservoir.
Again, a very beautiful trip over the moor, and more unlikely named “Weak Bridge”!
Davidstow airfield
Davidstow was obviously a large airfield for the RAF during WWII. I cross some very wide, long runways.
Lone rider
While around Davidstow airfield on the search for drinking water, I accidentally come across Cornwall War Museum.Davidstow airfield
It’s a small museum, focusing on all three services. I did not have time for a tour (a later tim), but a welcome cup of coffee in their NAAFI (Naval Army Air Force Institutes). 
Davidstow airfield war museum
I leave Bodmin Moor, and  head for Lower Pennycrocker Farm campsite, north-east of Boscastle. 
One thing that is very refreshing while out on a bike tour, is nothing else matters except; food, water and shelter. Food being the major concern as pubs/restaurants/stores not necessarily always near a campsite, so organization is crucial. Water will be available at a campsite, but if I end up wild camping a bit of forward thinking is required. I carry the shelter, so no concerns there. I find a well stocked post office in Marshgate.
I enjoy the sunset over looking Tintagel Castle. Once guy ropes checked, settled in for an expected blustery night.
  • 29 miles

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