South Penquite to Colliford Lake to South Penquite

at sunrise.
I awake to another tent on site, how dare they! Two guys planning to walk the width of all three moors, Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor and Exmoor. For the British Heart Foundation over the next three days, quite some distance.
Today, leaving my tent at the farm, and touring the moor with my two smaller front panniers mounted to the rear rack.
Knights Temple church
Visiting Temple Church, takes you back in time.
Knights Temple churchThe back roads from Temple Church, could not connect me to the Colliford Lake road. Again, poor mapping on my part! So bike over the fence, and cross country to Colliford tavern for a coffee and snack.
Bodmin Moor
I pass Colliford Lake dam, on-route to St.Neot. From St.Neot following the southern roads off the moor back to Blisland.
Colliford Lake
Next time I will certainly purchase Ordinance Survey maps. As the roads are up and down, more up, than down! At least, after some aggressive hills commuting to work, not too much of an ordeal.
The Post Office stores at Blisland shut (Sunday!) So tried The Blisland Inn for grub. Kitchen closed as it’s late afternoon. So my meal consisted of three large Scotch eggs, hate them at the best of times, pork scratching’s and a pint of Guinness.  Not so bad!
A few miles back to the campsite.
Rafter of turkeys
Greeted back at the campsite by a rafter of turkeys.
Tea up!
First thing; get a ‘brew’ on the go.
  • 26 miles

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