Constantine Bay to South Penquite

I’ve consulted the weather vigorously over the past few days to start on a good footing. Not too keen on trying out my wet-weather gear just yet!
The day looks pleasant with clear skies forecast for the next one or two days.  The bike has yet to be fully tested laden. Carrying enough to keep me warm, and fed, etc…
Setting off
Straight onto the Camel Trail and across Padstow’s old iron bridge. Strangely called the “Weak Bridge”!
A few tourists out. Battling into a headwind, look of unpleasant strain on their faces! With me, sailing along on a steady tail wind.
Iron bridge
The trail is slightly up hill as it follows the River Camel back to it’s source of Bodmin Moor.
Padstow estuary
Wadebridge. I turn off the trail, so as to pass a memorial for fallen countrymen of conflicts past and present.
Wadebridge war memorial
Taking the back roads to Pencarrow House. Hoping for a cup of tea in a warm cafe.
Pencarrow House drive
The drive up to the house, off the main road is about 1.5 miles, and autumnally lined.
Pencarrow House
The house was closed, so no tea, but pleasantly quiet. Quick stop for a few photographs, then head back down to rejoin the trail.
Pencarrow gardens


Re-joined the trail at Boscarne Junction. Stopping for a cappuccino at a lovely tea stand, which had been part of the old junction box.
As I leave, I pass the railway station for the Bodmin and Wenford Railway. Which is still functioning with steam engines, not this station below though!
Dunmere Halt
Poley’s Bridge. I follow the road up hill towards the village of Blisland. Very picturesque with the customary village pub, a post office and stores with an internet cafe.
I leave the village after asking guidance from the store. Due to myself only carrying an A-Z of Cornwall! Not accurate enough. Next time I will not be so tight, and go the Ordinance Survey route!
Cover from a rain shower
Within a few miles I explode onto Bodmin Moor. South Penquite Farm
Arrival at South Penquite Farm campsite. Very quiet, so much so I cannot find anyone! Notice says, “Please set your tent up in any field and return to reception between 1800-2100”. Chickens and geese greet me with a lot of uproar!
Tent erected, food ingested, hot shower, happy. Sunset stunning, sleeping bag un-bagged, snug as a bug in a rug, asleep by eight!
  • 28 miles



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