Bodmin Moor

Bodmin Moor – A Micro Journey
My first cycle journey will be out onto and around Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, England.
The moors are literally on my doorstep, with the Camel Trail offering a relaxed start. My timing is not the best, as it’s now late October.
The temperature is dropping down to 10-12 degrees during the day and 5-7 degrees at night, not so bad. The contributing factor though is the wind chill, it does get a bit breezy around here. Going by the Met Office’s forecast, a good opportunity arises over the next few days for fair weather. We shall see!
Tent and gear have been tested, should keep me warm and dry. My toes and fingers are generally a different matter as they tend to suffer from poor circulation around these appendages. If I have it wrong, some uncomfortable nights ahead!
There might be some prolonged visits to cafes and pubs to warm up; tea or beer, not so bad! I have extensive experience with wild camping if required, and I’m not deterred by inclement weather, which is good, considering the time of the year!

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